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Whether you need a our full planning and delivery expertise, or just need a spot of filming to compliment a bigger project, we can help you get the results you need.


Planning & Storyboarding

Some drone shoots are simple… ‘capture the essence of the property’, some are much more cinematic or complex. The better we plan the shoot, the better the footage and more successful the final edit. We are experts at helping determine what you really need and planning how to deliver that in the most simple, cost efficient, way.



Using the very latest drone technology and highest quality filming equipment, we ensure you get the perfect footage for any project. From sweeping panoramic shots, to internal walkthroughs and up close filming, our expert drone operators deliver eye-catching and inspiring footage every time.



Even the most beautifully shot piece of work requires an expert touch in the editing studio to tidy up all loose ends and put the finishing gloss on the final project. From speeding up or slowing down scenes, to adding transitions and cropping down footage, we’ll ensure the final piece is the perfect length and style for your needs.



As required, we can create and add any branding, call-to-actions, or watermarks that you need for your finished piece. As well as branding, the addition of suitable music and sound effects help turn the perfect edit into a masterpiece.

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Whether you need a property walkthrough video, or an eye-catching promo for your next big event…
2020 Drone Views will help you plan, execute, and edit the perfect piece.

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